“Anger: Act Rather than React”

People who know me don’t see me as an “angry person” and most of the time, I’m not. Yet, how well I remember that day. I opened my friend’s desk drawer (something I had never done before) to get a few paper clips. Within a few seconds, I stared at a letter to my dear friend, from her friend, bearing these words, written in an all-too-familiar hand: “We don’t need any more June Hunts in this world.” I was stunned ... hurt ... angry! Just an hour before, the writer of those words had shared these words of encouragement, “June, I’m really for you. I want to help. I want to support you in whatever way I can.” But now her words cut to the quick, wounding my heart.

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April 2013, A Letter from June on ‘The Answer to Anger’

It’s staggering to grasp how many people suffer needlessly at the hands of angry, abusive people. Many of these sufferers believe it’s their duty to endure ... to just cope ... so that God can “work it together for their good.” Emotionally abused spouses ... verbally abused employees ... those mistreated and manipulated by angry “friends” ... the examples are endless.

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