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Twelve years in an abusive marriage


Twelve years in an abusive marriage

For almost 12 years I was in a marriage that was physically, verbally and emotionally abusive. There were times when my ex-husband would leave for weeks with our family car. Living out in the country, my children and I would have no way to drive into town to buy groceries or run errands. He led me to believe that if anything ever happened or if I ever left, he would take the children. I didn’t know what to do.

With the help of a kind neighbor, we were able to get food and the items we needed. But more importantly, she invited us to go to church. With the support of my new church family, I came to the point where I felt the peace of God and knew that He was going to take care of us. Through their help, I was able to become free from this abusive situation, and I began to feel God’s hope again for my life.

It was very difficult to receive words of affirmation and to allow someone new into my life on an intimate level. However, I knew I had to trust in God and allow Him to restore what had been stolen from me. Through much healing, I have since remarried and feel blessed to have met a godly man, one who often cares more about me than he does about himself. He is such an encouragement.

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