Healthy Boundaries in Blended Families

Everyone wants a healthy, happy family. Yet some stepparents and children battle more than they bond. This leaves members of a blended family feeling like the walking wounded. How do you break this painful cycle? June Hunt offers insight into the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that can sabotage a blended family.

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Blended Families: Facing Stepparent Dilemmas

Intentional or not, divorced parents can react in ways that hurt their children. With exes and stepparents in the mix, conflict and misunderstandings are bound to occur. How can stepparents build loving bridges and still enforce discipline? Listen as June Hunt offers biblical and practical solutions for blended families.

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Growing Pains: Common Stages in Blended Families

We all bring our past into a marriage, and sometimes that includes children. While we dream of happily ever after, blending a family is a complex process—and it can come with some surprises. June Hunt helps us set realistic expectations, and takes us through the stages experienced by blended families. Be encouraged—help is on the way!

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June Hunt on the Blended Family: “God’s Recipe for Success”

In reality, when a blended family comes together, typically, issues remain unresolved for years. Emotions are misinterpreted and problems that need to be tackled usually remain untouched. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the dynamics within a blended family...

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May 2012, A Letter from June on Blended Families

If only blending a family was that easy. Today, more than 40% of American adults have at least one step-relative in their family—a step-parent, sibling or child. Despite a desire to “blend” quickly, it typically takes four to seven years before a family begins to function and feel like ... “family.”

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