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Sometimes forgiveness seems impossible … or even feels wrong. The pain is too real. Yet forgiveness is the key to healing and freedom. In these Keys for Living, learn how you can truly forgive and let go of past pain. With God’s help, you can be healed and set free.


Forgiveness Video Course

“Let it go.” Sounds simple, but it’s not. How do you forgive someone who hurt you? Forgiveness is a universal struggle, but it’s at the heart of God and it’s the key to healing and freedom.

This video course provides context for life change – to study and reflect on what God says about forgiveness and find practical steps to truly forgive and be set free.

In this video course, you’ll learn:

  • What forgiveness is – and is not
  • Common misconceptions to forgiveness
  • Barriers to letting go and forgiving
  • Differences between forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Four stages of forgiveness
  • How to help others forgive and find freedom
  • What God’s Word says about forgiveness

Forgiveness is a difficult process, but with God’s help, you can be healed and set free.
(70 min)

This video course also comes with:

  • A digital companion guide – a downloadable workbook with notes and questions for further study and reflection
  • “What is God’s Heart on Forgiveness?” – a PDF from the Keys for Living book on Forgiveness with helpful, biblical insights related to this topic

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