Finding Your Purpose in Life

Do you ever wonder … What if I’m missing God’s call on my life? How can I know His purpose for me? If you find yourself facing these questions today, there’s no better time for answers … not from my perspective, but from God’s perspective. He created each of us individually with a specific, personal, and unique plan for our lives. Consider these five truths from God’s Word about your purpose.

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Christmas Devotional – 10 Wonderful Truths of Christmas

Merry Christmas! We created this as a devotional guide for reflection and prayer as you celebrate the coming of the Lord Jesus. We pray these 10 biblical truths will encourage your heart and give you peace as you worship the Savior this Christmas season. And feel free to share with others!

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8 Ways to Control Anxious Thoughts

Is anxiety a struggle for you … or maybe a loved one? Does it ever feel like you can’t get your worrisome or negative thoughts under control? If so, there’s grace for you. Check out this practical exercise using God’s Word to help manage anxious thoughts. Feel free to share it with a friend or bookmark it for later.

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