The Girl Nobody Loved

Unwanted, rejected, neglected, and abused. As a child, Dorie Van Stone was sent to live in an orphanage. She had no concept of self-worth until the day she heard about God’s love. June Hunt shares the inspiring story of how this broken child found her true worth in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Where Do You Find Your True Worth?

We often define our value by our accomplishments, our appearance, our possessions, or our relationships. These are all things that can lift us up … or tear us down just as quickly – and none will satisfy for long. Listen as June Hunt talks about the real solution to discovering your true worth.

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Discover the True Source of Your Worth

Do you believe your life has value or do you sometimes see yourself as inadequate, insufficient, or even invisible? You’re not alone. It’s painful to feel worthless or rejected but the truth about your worth is found in God’s Word. Discover more in this program with June Hunt.

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The God Who Loves Us

Have you ever been angry at God? Do you feel like He cares about everyone else except you, and that He answers everyone’s prayers but yours? Jessica* has felt this way most of her life. Listen as June Hunt helps Jessica discover the true character of God and find true hope for today.

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