Will God Really Forgive Me?

Have you ever said, “God might forgive some people, but He won’t forgive me”? Sometimes it’s hard to receive God’s grace and forgiveness. Blame, shame, and guilt can distort our thinking. Listen as June Hunt shares the secret of living guilt free!

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Forgiven – Not Guilty

Do you think God will punish you for the things you’ve done wrong? Many people fear the wrath of God and believe He’s just waiting to penalize them when they fail. June Hunt provides biblical hope and practical help that will clear up the confusion about our heavenly Father and shed light on His heart of forgiveness.

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True Guilt or False Guilt?

Do you know that the guilt you’re feeling could be false guilt? June Hunt tells us that false guilt brings condemnation and feelings of shame, but true guilt leads to positive change and a renewed life. Listen to June share about own experience with guilt, and learn how to recognize and release the false guilt in your life.

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