Lifeline to Hope Self-Study Training Course


Equipping you to help others and make a difference – connecting a life in crisis with a life in Christ.

The Lifeline to Hope Self-Study Course is a 10-session, video-based lay caregiving training program to help you become a competent biblical caregiver. Discover how to provide support, encouragement, and spiritual care to those who are hurting and broken.

10-session core program includes:

  • 10 Video Training Sessions (see below for topic sessions)
  • Comprehensive 300-Page Caregiver Training Manual
  • Bonus Training Session on Stress, Burnout, and Self-Care
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Dashboard Access to Videos and Caregiver Training Manual

Benefits of Self-Study Course:

  • Flexibility – learn at your own schedule and pace
  • Accessibility – access the lessons anytime, anywhere
  • Digital format – watch online on your computer or mobile device
  • Professional curriculum taught by experienced instructors
  • Comprehensive training to become a biblical caregiver
  • Biblically-based, practical teaching with personal application

The Self-Study Course is great for people who:

  • Want to grow in their people-helping and relational skills
  • Want to grow as a caregiver, counselor, coach, chaplain, or leader
  • Those in ministry contexts (pastors, lay leaders, small-group leaders)
  • Counselors looking to integrate biblical truth into their practice
  • Anyone seeking insight on how to biblically help others
  • Anyone wanting to learn basic caregiving and counseling principles
  • Those with busy schedules (learn at own your pace)


Lifeline to Hope Self-Study Course

Do you have a heart for people who are hurting and broken? For those who are lonely, wrestling with life’s issues, have questions about God, or are simply without hope? Perhaps compassion is one of your spiritual gifts or you have a sense of calling from God to come alongside others who are struggling and in pain. Maybe you’re looking to grow as a caregiver or counselor or leader . . . or you just want to learn some practical tools to better help people in your life.

The truth is, we can all learn skills to better help those in need. This course does just that.

The Lifeline to Hope Self-Study Course is a 10-session lay caregiving training program. This in-depth, video-based course teaches individuals how to provide support, encouragement, and spiritual care to those who are hurting and broken. Centered on God’s Word, the Lifeline to Hope Self-Study Course will help you learn how to become a competent, biblical caregiver.

The Lifeline to Hope Self-Study Course offers a completely flexible training curriculum that can fit into your schedule. The course is digitally formatted, so it can be taken within the convenience of your home or office – and at a pace that easily adapts to your learning style. Included are 10 core video-based presentations that cover important topics such as the biblical basis for caregiving, effective listening and helping skills, self-worth and self-identity, understanding family of origin dynamics, crisis intervention, the process of change and recovery, forgiveness, what it means to be a servant leader, and more (see below). A Bonus Video addresses the important topic of stress, burnout, and a commitment to balanced self-care.

Along with the video presentations, you will receive a comprehensive 300-page Caregiver Training Manual that follows the presentations with detailed information, opportunities to take notes, additional insights that allow you to dive deeper into the topics being discussed, and a self-reflection at the end of each lesson. When you have successfully completed the training, you will also be awarded an attractive Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing. The video lessons and Caregiver Training Manual give you the tools to unlock God’s Word, equipping you to provide Christ-like care for those who are hurting, broken, and in need.

Join thousands of other compassionate “first responders” in this sacred trust – become a Lifeline to Hope today!

Session Details:

  1. Introduction – The Biblical Basis for Caregiving
  2. Biblical Hope and Practical Help – The Keys for Living Model
  3. Effective Listening and People Helping Skills – Part 1
  4. Effective Listening and People Helping Skills – Part 2
  5. The Search for Significance
  6. Your Parents and You
  7. Basic Helping and Crisis Intervention Skills
  8. Strongholds and Spiritual Warfare
  9. The Process of Change and Healing
  10. Ethics, Liability, and the Law – Servant Leadership
  11. *Bonus Presentation: When Helping You is Hurting Me

Accessing Your Course
This video course also comes with a comprehensive 300-page Caregiver Training Manual – a downloadable PDF with notes and questions for further study and reflection. After purchasing this course, you will have access to the video sessions and digital training manual at all times through your store dashboard.

About the Instructors
Eric Scalise, Ph.D., is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with 40 years of clinical and professional experience. Dr. Scalise, Hope For The Heart’s Chief Strategy Officer, is a published author and national/international speaker who frequently works with organizations, clinicians, ministry leaders and churches globally.

Haley Scully, M.A., is a counselor, author, and trainer. As the Senior Director of International and Strategic Initiatives, she helps develop and facilitate Hope For The Heart’s counseling and caregiving training programs, and has conducted training events with partner ministries in over 25 countries around the world.

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