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Esperanza Para El Corazón

Hope For The Heart’s Spanish Ministry, Esperanza Para El Corazón,works to spread God’s truth, using applicable and practical answers for tough life issues in Spanish speaking churches and homes.  Whether in the USA or in Latin America, our mission is to share the vision of what a new life in Christ can look like when we apply His truth to all parts of our lives. We also strive to encourage people to realize that they, too, can be used by God to help others. With the help of the 100 Spanish Biblical Counseling Keys, you can help empower Spanish-speaking friends to find their new truth, God’s Truth for Today’s Problems.

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Important facts you can share with your Spanish-speaking friends:

Going on a Mission Trip?

  • You can share the Biblical Counseling Keys with churches and national leaders in the mission field so that they have a tool they can use to encourage and disciple once you mission group leaves.
  • Take the Keys to equip yourself and your team with what to say in order to encourage people in their struggles.
  • The Keys are also valuable outlines to teach classes or seminars during your trip.
  • Give the Quick Reference Guides to help meet emotional and spiritual needs. This gift will be treasured long after you have personally encouraged them and loved them.