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God’s love and your identity in Christ


God’s love and your identity in Christ

I am the Executive Director of Counseling Ministries at Hope For The Heart. We oversee a number of ministries, including the Biblical Counseling Institute. We also provide biblical counseling services on-site, and we have a Care Center. Our heart is to build a bridge of hope. We feel that we are frontline ministries to share hope. We also participate in conferences and events . . . America Association of Christian Counselors, Christian Counselors of Texas, and Exodus – a ministry dedicated to helping those struggling with same-sex attraction.

On one particular occasion, I was talking about identity in Christ. I like that message: Your sexual orientation does not have to determine your identity in Christ. I visited a number of people, and I had an opportunity to pray with one. I put my hand on his shoulder and said, “Always remember how much God loves you.” A few weeks later he called and said that he had had a plan that day to end his life. And it’s because of the opportunity that we had to talk that he’s alive today. I can be hope to the hopeless – you never know what God is going to use, maybe even to save a life.

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