Monthly Teaching Letter from June | Hope For The Heart
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Monthly Teaching Letter from June

Each month, friends of the ministry receive a teaching letter from June that includes encouragement and ministry updates, as well as ways that people can partner and pray for Hope For The Heart. Below list an archive of past letters. Ongoing, new letters will only be emailed to our monthly partners. To receive this teaching letter to your inbox, become a monthly partner and Friend of Hope today.

  • June Hunt on Self-Worth – “You were worth dying for.” If you take an item to an auction and ask how much it is worth, the answer is obvious: Whatever someone is willing to pay. The worth of an item is determined by one simple standard … the highest price paid. Yet we often ignore this practical equation when it relates to our own value. Many who struggle with low self-worth say, “I’ve made too many mistakes. I don’t deserve happiness. No one can really love me. I must do as much as I can to earn approval from others.” This kind of person becomes a human “doing” instead of a human being.
  • June Hunt on Forgiveness – “The Freedom of Forgiveness” Many people see nothing wrong with harboring bitterness, resentment, and hatred. Because of unjust treatment, the concept of forgiveness seems so unfair. Like me, they feel absolutely justified. In fact, we feel we are carrying the cause for justice—carrying the cause for right—only to discover we are wrong…
  • June Hunt on Anger – “Don’t Leave Any Fire Unchecked!” Everyone periodically feels the heat of anger, but how we handle anger determines whether or not it becomes out of control. A small flame lighting a cozy campfire can ignite a forest fire … if left unchecked. Conversely, if the campfire for a cookout is snuffed out too quickly, it will not accomplish its purpose, and you will have some hungry campers!
  • June Hunt on Success through Failure – “How Do You Measure Success?” The road to success is paved with many ups and downs. Some of those downs might be perceived as failures, but your attitude toward any failure can certainly influence your ultimate success. — In this new year, how do you measure success? Do you measure success by your position? Your salary? Your home? Your relationships? What happens when you don’t meet your own expectations or the expectations of someone else? What happens when you fall short?
  • June Hunt on Ethics & Integrity – “How could anyone do that?” Have you ever asked, “How could he do that? How could anyone do that? He clearly has no moral compass so he can’t possibly have integrity!” — Over the years, I’ve had to rethink my thinking on integrity. Ethics is the study of various systems of morality. Morals are your belief in fundamental principles determining right and wrong. Understanding ethical systems is important in understanding human behavior—why people do what they do.