For the Reccord with Bob, with Dr. Bob Reccord
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Spring 2015: For The Reccord with Bob

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Together, we must work hard to help protect and nurture families

Dr. Bob Reccord
President & CEO

I’m convinced that one of the best ways to do that is by equipping pastors and their congregations to support the home. When parents and children thrive and are able to weather the storms of life, then I believe that our communities, nation and culture as a whole will be healthier emotionally and spiritually.

I was recently asked, “Does the church seem broken to you?” My initial reaction was to say, “Yes, to varying degrees.” But the truth is: It’s our culture that’s broken.

The very core of “who and what” we are as a people and as a society is crumbling, and if we don’t reverse the course, it’s going to deteriorate even more.

Today, many families are trying their best to keep God’s values at the center of their lives; however, the family structure, as a foundational institution, is being pulled apart. Traditional family values have lost their grip. The definition of marriage is under attack. Schedules, demands and expectations are out of hand. And it’s happening at a rapid pace.

Let me break it down a bit more. Today, children don’t just play one sport or activity – they often play two, if not three. Multiply that number by the number of children you have, and it can be a disaster!

Dinnertime was once a treasured gathering, a time for families to connect. Today, the dinner table has been replaced with a quick, drive-through meal. Conversations don’t take place between those sitting with you – they’ve been replaced by distracting texts and emails.

Teens have become more isolated with their smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. But let’s not fool ourselves – parents have become just as isolated with their own technology gadgets.


Husbands and wives both work, not just to make ends meet, but to “keep up with the Joneses.” The pressure to maintain a healthy home life is exhausting.

So, when I think about the church, I don’t see it as being broken. I see it as being faced with tremendous challenges.

Multiple pastors have shared with me, “Bob, I don’t take lightly my responsibility to tend to my flock. But, with the multitude of difficult life issues individuals and families are struggling with, there’s no way I can keep up with the demands. I need help.”

That’s why it is so timely, relevant and crucial that Hope For The Heart be dedicated to serving the church and its pastors. Thanks to you, we are developing a new Lay Care Ministry initiative designed to enable church leaders to train, equip and mobilize their members to give biblical guidance when care needs arise. Our plan is to roll out Hope For The Heart Lay Care Ministry in the Spring of 2016.

Be sure to tune in to the Hope For The Heart radio broadcast. During the month of May, June Hunt will focus on “Transforming Relationships – Building Stronger Families.” You won’t want to miss it!

Please know how much we appreciate your continued prayers and support. Your faithful gifts make it possible for us to provide God’s truth, grace and biblical guidance to so many people.

Serving with you,


Dr. Bob Reccord