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You Can Be Hope

When a child colors a picture, what is the first thing parents do with it? They hang the “masterpiece” on the refrigerator. Works of art are meant to be displayed, whether it’s a child’s drawing or a work of da Vinci. Similarly, God puts His masterpieces on display. From the universe to you, God showcases His glory and grace for all to see. And perhaps nothing better illustrates His handiwork than a shattered life that He puts back together. And as an Artist, God uses instruments to make His masterpieces.

Hope For The Heart is an instrument in the hands of God to bring hope to a world needing the Master’s touch. We exist to equip people with biblical principles to renew lives, restore families, revitalize churches and reproduce influencers – worldwide.

Take a moment to read the testimonies here and see how God continues to use this ministry to display His love to those in need of hope. As we look ahead, we envision and pray for more stories of hope like these.

And you have a key role to play in sharing hope and transforming lives. Because of gracious donors like you, Hope For The Heart provides God’s Truth for Today’s Problems through radio broadcasts, biblical resources, counseling and training workshops.

Become an instrument of hope today. Consider becoming a monthly partner.

Testimonies of Hope

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I was without Hope - A Testimony with Lenora

The day started off like any other – the alarm clock sounds, you get dressed, eat breakfast – and you’re out the door, coffee in hand, ready to face the day. For Lenora’s dad, his routine included a stop at the gas station across the street from where he conducted street evangelism. However, this day, horror replaced routine when he was shot as an innocent bystander and killed during a robbery.

When he was killed, I lost all hope. I was angry with God.
I struggled with forgiveness and prolonged grief.
I began to question God. … ‘Why God?
Why did this happen?’

But one day while sitting in a restaurant, Lenora was approached by a gentleman who sensed her hopelessness and felt compelled to talk with her. As they conversed, Lenora painted a picture of pain with brushstrokes of bereavement and bitter disappointment. Despair marred the canvas of her life. But this gentleman was an instrument of hope.

“He told me about June Hunt and her radio program Hope In The Night. One of the first nights I listened, June was talking to a caller about … grief. I couldn’t believe it! Listening to the program I felt I could hear God’s voice saying, ‘I love you.’ I felt a renewed hope.”

Like the gentleman who listened and encouraged her, she has become an instrument of hope, a masterpiece of God’s grace. “I feel joy when I’m able to share my experience and let someone else know that there is hope.”

In the hands of God, you, too, can be an instrument through which He gives hope to the hopeless.

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I needed Hope - A Testimony from Elizabeth

Life was a happy tune for Elizabeth. …

I was a sheltered child, nurtured by a doting dad and a stay-at-home mom. My family was blessed with a housekeeper, cook and lake house. I enjoyed piano, ballet lessons and birthday parties befitting a princess.

But then the music began to fade.…

But at age six, I learned that my parents were not my parents. They were my aunt and uncle who just lost a six-year custody battle over me. A judge ordered them to return me to my impoverished, biological family. The same day I heard this news, I was dropped off to live with my new family.

And soon she had no song.…

That day was the beginning of my battle with fear and anxiety. About a year later, my biological father, a pedophile, handed me over to be sexually molested by his best friend. The following year, my biological mother committed suicide. In high school, I began relating to boys sexually. Pregnant at 16, I had an abortion.

Then the Lord gave her a new song of hope.…

In college, I surrendered my life to Christ. But the healing began through the relationships and resources of Hope For The Heart. The Biblical Counseling Keys and trade books changed my life. Little by little, the biblical principles in these resources began traveling from my head to my heart. God used this ministry to forever change my life."

Elizabeth now serves as a director in the pastoral care ministry of a San Antonio megachurch. She is also a life coach, mentor and conference speaker. The words of Psalm 40:3 resonate in Elizabeth’s story, “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.”

Now you can be an instrumental part in giving people a new song of hope.

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I found Hope - A Testimony from Brooke & Court

Fear, rejection, rebellion, divorce, addictions, and pain narrated Brooke and Court’s story. As authors of their own lives, living independent of Christ, their stories were penned with pain. In crisis, they broke off their engagement and spent the next 40 days without contact. Instead, they resolved to fix their eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith.

Brooke’s Story:

“After a painful divorce, I was a single mom, living selfishly and recklessly, raising four precious daughters from my previous marriage. Broken, ashamed, hopeless and afraid, I walked into the counseling center at Hope For The Heart.” God was writing a new chapter not only in Brooke’s life but in Court’s life as well.

Court’s Story:

“I, too, had children and went through a divorce. I tried to fill the emptiness in my life with everything except God. During our time apart, the Lord was tearing down and rebuilding.”

God’s Story

When they met again, Court lifted his sunglasses, and Brooke noticed that his eyes were clear. “He was a different man,” she recalls. As God authored their story, Hope For The Heart played a pivotal role. They attended biblical counseling workshops and worked through many topics in the Biblical Counseling Keys. Brooke said, “The resources are practical, clear and concise. God’s Word is the foundation of each topic – that’s what makes them life-transforming. As we grew closer to the Lord, we grew closer to one another.”

Brooke and Court have been married for two years and enjoy time with their six children. They credit God for writing their beautiful story and are grateful for the role that Hope For The Heart played, and continues to play, in it.

And you can help create another story of hope.

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