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Please Pray that My Husband Will Return Home Soon

Sara, from Texas requests prayer:

Hello, my husband has been gone for about 4 months now, and I am asking for prayers that he may come home soon. I pray that our home may be restored, that our burden may be forgotten and lifted off of us. I pray that the courts may find favor on him and allow him to come home before the holidays, and I pray that we may be healed and be in each other’s arms soon. Father, lift up our heads again, hear our voices, and please allow us to have favor in your eyes. I pray all these things, in your Son, Jesus Christ’s name, Amen
So all these things, I pray people may bless us with a prayer in your Son Jesus Christ’s name, and also that you, my God, the Holy One of Israel, may bless us as well, because we ask in your Son’s name, whom we are thankful for, Father. We praise you and lift up your name with contentment, with the understanding and wisdom of who you are. Thank you for your goodness. You walk before us and you strengthen and guide us.

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