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International Ministry

International Ministry

Fractured lives, families and communities are asking us to help them… they are crying out for hope and healing.

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Translations, Counseling and Radio Partnerships

Thanks to the efforts of translation teams, we are working toward having our Biblical Counseling Keys translated into 27 foreign languages, and these resources are now being used in 60 nations. Our entire Biblical Counseling Keys Library has been translated into Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, German, Indonesian, Chinese Simplified and Traditional Script, as well as Portuguese and others. Translation teams are working diligently to complete translations into Arabic and Sinhalese.

In addition, radio broadcasts sponsored by Hope For The Heart now air in Albania, Turkey, Spain, Indonesia, Mexico, the Caribbean, several Latin American countries, and others.

Our Counseling Keys were named “the best-selling Christian resource in Moscow” as a result of the impact of the Hope For The Heart Moscow broadcast. What’s more, in Indonesia, 48 radio stations have been sharing various formats of our Hope For The Heart radio training programs with their listeners. For one station alone, this has prompted up to 300 calls or personal visits a day from people seeking God’s truth for problems in the lives.

How we’re spreading hope around the globe

Hope For The Heart has established partnerships with ministries to help bring God’s Truth for Today’s Problems to the world, such as in Albania and Radio Shema in Ankara. The Spanish Biblical Counseling Keys are being recommended by various theological seminaries in the U.S. and in Latin America.

To read more about ourtranslation efforts and our purchase locations, select the button (above) labeled “Biblical Counseling Keys translations.”

For more information about our international ministry partners, see our ministry partners page.

Biblical Counseling Keys Translations

To purchase Albanian Language biblical counseling resources, contact:

Hope For The Heart

To purchase American Sign Languagebiblical counseling resources, contact:

Center for Deaf Studies
Dr. Daniel Blair
California Baptist Seminary
8432 Magnolia Ave
Riverside CA 92504

To purchase Arabic Languagebiblical counseling resources, contact:

Arab Woman Today Ministries
Ruba Abbassi
P.O. Box 850881
Amman, Jordan
Phone from US:

To purchase Chinese Simplified Script Languagebiblical counseling resources, contact:

ZDL Books
David Wright
Rm 203, 20/F, QianHeJiaYuan – Bldg 1
108 North Fourth Ring East Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing
1000029 PR China
Phone from US:

To purchase Chinese Traditional Script Language biblical counseling resources, contact:

Christian Communication in Canada (CCIC)
Rev. Aaron Tang
Unit 2, 3880 Midland Avenue
Scarbourough, ON M1V 5k4 Canada
Phone: 416-297-6540

NOTE: This biblical counseling 6-volume set can also be purchased in the US (Plano, TX) at the Hope Center book shop at 2001 W. Plano Pkwy, Plano TX 75075. Book shop phone: 972-212-9195

To purchase French Languagebiblical counseling resources, contact:

Espoir (Aujourd’ L’Espoir)
Marcel Perron / Regis Talbot
6640, 3e Avenue Ouest
Quebec City,Quebec
G1H 6H4 Canada

To purchase German Languagebiblical counseling resources, contact:

Precept Ministries – Germany/Austria
George Huber
Postfach 240, A-2000
Stockerau, Austria
Phone from US: 011-443-22-666-1089

To purchase Languages of India (Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, Marathi) biblical counseling resources, contact:

India Bible Literature
Director E. Valayutham (Velu)
67 Berach Road, Kilpauk
Chennai, 600-010 India
Phone from US:

To purchase Indonesian Language biblical counseling resources, contact:

Radio Dian Mandiri
Paulus Wiratno
Jl.Intan LC II Gang IV No1
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Phone from US:

To purchase Korean Languagebiblical counseling resources, contact:

Hope For The Heart

To purchase Romanian Language biblical counseling resources, contact:

Precept Ministries – Romania
Mia & Costel Oglice
c/o Alario Dumitru Gigel
Str. V. Babes no. 20
Lugoj, 1800, Jud. Timis

To purchase Russian Language biblical counseling resources, contact:

Triad Christian Publishing
Anna Shirochenskaya
P.O. Box 731
Moscow 101000 Russia
Phone from US:

To purchase Spanish Language biblical counseling resources:

To purchase online:
To purchase outside the USA (by country), click here.
To order by phone in USA:

972-212-9200 or 1-800-488-4673
En español: 1-855-867-0824
To purchase on-site in Plano, TX at the Hope Center Book Nook,
visit 2001 W. Plano Pkwy, Plano TX 75075.
Phone: 972-212-9195. Email:

To purchase Turkish Language biblical counseling resources, contact:

Radio Light – Turkey
Ergun Yildirim
Kelebek Reklam Yayincilik
B Blok Kat 13 No: 2501 Sisli
Istanbul, Turkey
Phone from US:

To purchase Ukrainian Language biblical counseling resources, contact:

Good Samaritan Publishers
Tanya Burda
P.O. Box 890
L’viv, 79008
Phone from US: 011-38-(0)32-276-9597

New language translation project…

  • Sinhalese