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  • Victory over Verbal & Emotional Abuse

    Featured Topic: Verbal and Emotional AbuseVictory over Verbal & Emotional Abuse

    Through August 1

    Have you been told that you’re worthless … that you’ll never amount to anything? Verbal and emotional abuse tear down our sense of worth and strike at the very core of who we are … crushing our spirits. But you can be rescued from the heartache of abuse. June Hunt shows us how to rise above abuse and find victory.

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    Featured Download: Verbal & Emotional Abuse

    Featured Resource
    Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes

    Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes No matter what you’ve been through, the enemy loves to distort your thinking with lies about your identity. This dynamic 31-day devotional book will help you learn to see yourself as God sees you–deeply loved, totally valued. Day by day your thinking can be transformed by God’s Word. June Hunt lovingly encourages you to grasp God’s perspective and discover your infinite worth.

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    If you’re a first time caller to Hope for the Heart this devotional is our gift to you. Call now for your free copy by calling Hope For The Heart at 1-800 -488-4673.

    Additional Resources: What does the Bible say about Verbal & Emotional Abuse?


June HuntThere are a lot of call-in radio talk shows  and many of them offer advice to people with problems. Listeners who tune in to Hope In The Night, however, quickly realize that this program is one-of-a-kind. It began in 1996, when June Hunt, founder of a Dallas-based ministry called Hope for the Heart and host of a 15-minute daily radio broadcast show, was persuaded to test the concept of a live, late-night program on a single Chicago radio station. From the start, it was very different from other counseling talk shows  and it was an immediate hit with Chicago area listeners.

Today, Hope In The Night has celebrated 10 years of ministry and has been nominated as the National Religious Broadcasters "Talk Show of the Year" in 2007. Read more

Listen to the current broadcast Podcast Hope In The Night Listen to past archives of Hope In The Night

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Although June's focus is on counseling rather than on fund-raising, the costs of producing daily broadcasts and delivering them to broadcast outlets around the world can seem overwhelming− and radio outreach is just one of the ministries of Hope For The Heart. We welcome your support − as a Partner in Prayer or through your financial gifts − to come along side of us as we move deeper into territory held by the enemy and push back the darkness.

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