I was without Hope - A Testimony with Lenora

Lenora’s Story:

The day started off like any other – the alarm clock sounds, you get dressed, eat breakfast – and you’re out the door, coffee in hand, ready to face the day. For Lenora’s dad, his routine included a stop at the gas station across the street from where he conducted street evangelism. However, this day, horror replaced routine when he was shot as an innocent bystander and killed during a robbery.

When he was killed, I lost all hope. I was angry with God.
I struggled with forgiveness and prolonged grief.
I began to question God. … ‘Why God?
Why did this happen?’

But one day while sitting in a restaurant, Lenora was approached by a gentleman who sensed her hopelessness and felt compelled to talk with her. As they conversed, Lenora painted a picture of pain with brushstrokes of bereavement and bitter disappointment. Despair marred the canvas of her life. But this gentleman was an instrument of hope.

“He told me about June Hunt and her radio program Hope In The Night. One of the first nights I listened, June was talking to a caller about … grief. I couldn’t believe it! Listening to the program I felt I could hear God’s voice saying, ‘I love you.’ I felt a renewed hope.”

Like the gentleman who listened and encouraged her, she has become an instrument of hope, a masterpiece of God’s grace. “I feel joy when I’m able to share my experience and let someone else know that there is hope.”

In the hands of God, you, too, can be an instrument through which He gives hope to the hopeless.

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