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Janice Wants Marriage Reconciliation

Janice, from North Carolina requests prayer:

Please pray for my marriage. My husband abandoned me last April, my heart and soul have been shattered. I have pleaded with him to go to Christian counseling but he refuses. I ask that God will open my husband’s heart and have empathy and compassion for the suffering his wife and stepdaughter have endured. I ask that he rekindle the love and passion he had with me in the beginning. I ask God to guide him back into the marital household and become a true partner, friend, lover, and source of emotional support. I ask that God help my husband to have unconditional love. I pray that my husband relinquishes his condemnation and resentment of my daughter and stands by her and me in the fight against drug addiction. Also pray that God places his hands on my daughter and releases her from the demons and oppression of drug addiction.

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