Hope For The Heart's 2015 Fall Newsletter
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Hope For The Heart’s 2015 Fall Newsletter

Hope For The Heart's 2015 Fall Newsletter

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Featured Story:

Paying it FORWARD — even when they’re BEHIND you

By Bob Reccord, President and CEO

Recently I ran through the Chick-fil-A drive-in between meetings. Pulling up to the window to pay, they handed me my food. To my “Thank you,” they replied, “It’s our pleasure!”

But what about the money? They explained that the car in front of me had already paid it. In front of me was a police car! I thought, The only things police officers give out are traffic tickets!

I had just benefitted from someone paying it forward — investing in whoever was behind them. I must admit, the kind gesture made quite an impact on me!

As I drove away, I was reminded of a comment I heard about a great leader who had been tragically killed. His life was summed up by the person being interviewed with these profound words …

“He was the leader he was and made the impact he did because he was constantly planting trees under which he knew he would never personally sit!”

So how about you and me? How are we doing with “planting trees under which we know we will never sit”? You may be asking, “How do I do that?”

You do that by building into the lives of those who will come behind you and by helping build leaders and influencers today who will make an impact tomorrow. And that can be done in the places we frequent most … our homes, churches and workplaces.

It just takes intentionality.

Because it doesn’t just happen! Gifts from you and other friends have made it possible to bring Marketplace Chaplains into the mix to help make it happen in companies across the nation.

Check out the Marketplace article on page 10 of this issue to discover what their ministry is all about. Then consider this question:

“How are you paying it forward to those who come behind you?”