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Ministry Widgets

Use the widgets below to add Hope For The Heart to your blog or web site. To activate them, copy the code below the widget and place it in the HTML area of your web site. For a more specific example of how to add them to Blogger, GooglePages, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, see below.

- Help Topics Widget: English

- Help Topics Widget: En Español

Usted tiene un sitio web o blog? Agregue esto a su sitio para ofrecer folletos gratuitos y útiles a sus visitantes para compartir lo que dice la Biblia sobre los siguientes temas.

Para copiar, seleccione el código debajo, haga clic derecho y elija Copiar.

How to install these widgets on…


The widget code can be pasted into Blogger in one of two ways:

1) Using ‘Edit HTML’ mode
2) Into the blog template as a Blogger widget


If you are running the full version of WordPress, the widget code can be pasted into the template for your theme. Unfortunately, right now our widget doesn’t work with sites hosted at


The widget code can be pasted into Joomla in one of two ways:

1) Into the template for the site by editing the HTML for that template (p. 158 of the Joomla User Manual – pdf)
2) As a ‘Site Module’ when edited in HTML mode (p. 129 of the Joomla User Manual – pdf )


Adding our widget to Drupal is a two-step process:

1) At the web site configuration level, the filter for user-authored content must be set to ‘Full HTML’ by default.
2) The widget code can be pasted directly into the web site template or a module