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Depression: Walking from Darkness into the Dawn

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Walking from Darkness into the Dawn

November 4-8

Have you ever tried to run through a thick pool of mud? It takes effort to place one foot in front of the other. In many ways, this is what depression feels like. How can you rise out of the suffocating swamp of depression? How can you help someone you love? June Hunt answers these questions and more this week as you learn to allow God to take you from darkness into the dawn.

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When things are tough, I need to go to the word of God - I was raised in a church home, but walked away from the church at a very early age… I struggled with feelings of worthlessness and depression pretty much my whole life. Also at a very early age got involved in drug usage – abuse, drug abuse. And got out of that, but you know still struggled with other addictions.


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Depression: Walking from Darkness into the Dawn


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