Celebrating 20 Years of Hope In The Night, with June Hunt
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Celebrating 20 Years of Hope In The Night

August 2, 2016, 2016 – Dallas, TX

June Hunt and Rich Hoopper of Hope In The Night Late Night RadioThere’s an intimacy unique to radio that allows each of us the privilege of having someone speak directly into our lives. And that’s what June Hunt, founder of Hope For The Heart, a worldwide biblical counseling ministry, has done for the past 20 years – offered God’s hope and healing through her award winning program Hope In The Night.

What first ran on 23 stations on August 12, 1996, has grown into a live one-hour call-in counseling program. Today, Hope In The Night is carried on more than 300 stations across the U.S., has two overseas broadcasts, and streams on two Internet sites, offering biblical hope and practical help to thousands of callers and millions of listeners.

“I’ll never forget that first night of the broadcast – my co-host at the time, Jim Cress, and I were getting into the flow of the program, when a woman called,” shares Hunt. “‘How can I help you?’ I asked. ‘I was attacked several months ago and now I’m pregnant! Is it all right for me to have an abortion?’ the caller answered. After sharing God’s heart on the matter and talking through her options, we ended our conversation in prayer. The following night, she called back to share that she had decided to keep her baby. This young lady had a need, and I thank God we were there for her. Through God’s grace, we’ve been able to ‘be there’ for thousands of others through the years … people with questions … searching for answers … calling from all across American seeking help and hope.”

Whether you’re tuned in to Hope In The Night or a caller who is desperate for answers, you can’t help but listen intently as Hunt, along with today’s co-host Rich Hooper, compassionately share wisdom from God’s Word with callers who are dealing with a number of life’s most difficult problems – issues like alcohol and drug abuse, anger, divorce, reconciliation, abortion, domestic violence, homosexuality, loneliness, self-worth, teenagers and more. Listeners are often compelled to pray for the caller and reflect on how to apply the steps to solutions and renewed hope in their own life.

“June has said, ‘There are no hopeless situations, only people who have grown hopeless,’” states Doug Price, Director of Broadcast Ministries at Hope For The Heart. “For June, every call is handled with the greatest of importance and every problem explored from God’s Word. Throughout the years, it’s been incredible to watch how God has used her to help countless callers address their issues by using God’s truth, encouraging them to discover their need for a personal relationship with Christ and to entrust their lives to Him.”

As a way of honoring Hunt and Hope In The Night, the ministry is encouraging those who have been impacted by the broadcast to write a brief note of thanks, telling June what the broadcast has meant to them. Thank you notes can be submitted online through August 31, 2016, at www.HopeForTheHeart.org/night or mailed to: Hope For The Heart, P.O. Box 7, Dallas, TX 75221.

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