I found Hope - A Testimony from Brooke & Court

Fear, rejection, rebellion, divorce, addictions, and pain narrated Brooke and Court’s story. As authors of their own lives, living independent of Christ, their stories were penned with pain. In crisis, they broke off their engagement and spent the next 40 days without contact. Instead, they resolved to fix their eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith.

Brooke’s Story:

“After a painful divorce, I was a single mom, living selfishly and recklessly, raising four precious daughters from my previous marriage. Broken, ashamed, hopeless and afraid, I walked into the counseling center at Hope For The Heart.” God was writing a new chapter not only in Brooke’s life but in Court’s life as well.

Court’s Story:

“I, too, had children and went through a divorce. I tried to fill the emptiness in my life with everything except God. During our time apart, the Lord was tearing down and rebuilding.”

God’s Story

When they met again, Court lifted his sunglasses, and Brooke noticed that his eyes were clear. “He was a different man,” she recalls. As God authored their story, Hope For The Heart played a pivotal role. They attended biblical counseling workshops and worked through many topics in the Biblical Counseling Keys. Brooke said, “The resources are practical, clear and concise. God’s Word is the foundation of each topic – that’s what makes them life-transforming. As we grew closer to the Lord, we grew closer to one another.”

Brooke and Court have been married for two years and enjoy time with their six children. They credit God for writing their beautiful story and are grateful for the role that Hope For The Heart played, and continues to play, in it.

And you can help create another story of hope.

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