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Imagine the world without abuse. … What would it look like? How would your life be different? Whether it’s hurtful words, degrading looks, obscene gestures or threatening behavior … the pain of verbal and emotional abuse can damage our sense of worth and leave lasting scars. Abuse is often about controlling a person and tearing them down. But with God’s help, you can learn to break free and rise above abuse.

If you or someone you know has been abused … There is Hope. Healing is possible. We are offering (for free) the first session of the “Understanding Verbal & Emotional Abuse” Bible study. Full of engaging stories, biblical teaching and practical questions for application and discussion, this study will help you learn how to set boundaries and heal from the pain of verbal and emotional abuse.

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If you’re experiencing abuse, you can find help today. Download your free copy of Session 1 of “Understanding Verbal & Emotional Abuse.”

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