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Has anger ever clouded your judgment – you reacted rashly – and lived to regret it? What do you do when you’re inflamed with the heat of anger but can’t cool yourself down? Anger is a strong emotion that occurs when our needs or expectations aren’t met. When we’re hurt, wronged, fearful or frustrated … anger often erupts. Sometimes we can control it, and sometimes it controls us. In a frustrating situation, we can fail to act wisely and instead, react foolishly. Anger is not necessarily a bad thing, because it is God-given, and He can use anger to motivate us to action.

Although anger is a difficult emotion to deal with … There is Hope. We are offering (for free) the first session of “Dealing with Anger: Facing the Fire Within” Bible study. Full of engaging stories, biblical teaching and practical questions for application and discussion, this study will help you learn how to manage your anger in healthy ways.

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