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A Biblical Guide to Everyday Life Challenges in Your Pocket

A mobile app to help you … and help you, help others.

Where are you searching for answers to life’s most challenges issues? Challenges like – Anger, Verbal Abuse, Conflict Resolution, Depression, Rejection and Forgiveness…

A mobile app to help you … and help you, help othersThe Hope For The Heart’s FREE Resources Mobile App provides biblical guidance on challenges experienced in everyday life.

This app helps you unpack and tackle the tough life issues we all face and is a great resource to help you counsel others. Based on God’s Word, you will have the practical steps you need to help find & share hope and healing.

And are you looking for a Bible verse? The Hope For The Heart’s Resource App comes loaded with more than 1100 translations of the Bible.

You’re just a tap away from a robust, simple to use Bible Study tool. Find all this and more through the Hope For The Heart Resources App: A Biblical Guide to Everyday Life Challenges in Your Pocket.

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“Hope for The Heart’s Resource App is a great tool for our Chaplains. It gives them immediate access to biblical counseling information to help our partner companies and their employees.”

Chaplain Charlotte Turner, Division Director – Market Place Chaplains USA

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“We never know when God is going to give us an opportunity to share His message of hope with someone dealing with a difficult life situation. It may be at work, church, home, or over a cup of coffee with a friend. Depending on the issue, being equipped to share God’s truth at that very moment could be critical. Hope For The Heart’s Resource App gives us that tool. It’s easy to use, filled with biblical truth, and provides solid answers that brings about real change and healing.”

Alan Lynch, Minister of Pastoral Care & Missions First Baptist Church – Dallas, Texas

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“As a community-based church, our leaders want to provide a biblical response when helping others. Our Care Pastors, Home-team Leaders, and Recovery Group Leaders will greatly benefit from the Hope For The Heart Resource App. Not only does it give a quick guide to better understand an underlying issue, it’s packed with Scripture to direct them back to Christ. Once you’ve given them guidance – let’s say on anger – you can then forward the “Quick Reference Guide” on that topic to them directly from the app. Best of all, since it’s on a mobile device, you’ll always have it with you!”

Nate Graybill, Care Pastor, Watermark Church – Dallas, Texas

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“Over the years, not only has our church used Hope For The Heart’s materials when ministering to members, but I’ve also used them in my personal life. The Hope For The Heart Mobile App is yet another great tool that our team of pastors and lay care ministers can use when preparing to meet with people searching for help with life’s struggles. Whether heading to the hospital to comfort a family grieving the loss of a loved one or visiting in the office with a colleague wrestling with anger, the app is readily accessible on your phone and filled with solid, trustworthy guidance to share with those seeking spiritual and emotional hope and healing.”

Elizabeth Cunningham, Care and Support Ministry, Community Bible Church – San Antonio, Texas

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Also Available: The Hope For The Heart Broadcast App

With the Hope For The Heart iPhone app, you can easily listen to recent broadcasts from June Hunt on our daily 30 minute program, Hope For The Heart, or our one-hour call-in counseling program, Hope In The Night. You can also see live streams from June’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as watch engaging videos from Hope For The Heart.

Available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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