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Celebrate with Us
30 Years of Changing Lives

At Hope For The Heart, we equip people with biblical principles to renew lives, restore families, revitalize churches, and reproduce influencers—worldwide! Come celebrate with us October 6, 2016!



Broadcast — Mentoring, Coaching & Discipling: Passing the Torch

With all the negative influences in the world today, we desperately need positive role models. Did you know that you can be a great mentor for someone? Regardless of past mistakes or wrong choices, God can use your painful life lessons to help others. Discover the joy and impact of mentoring all this week on Hope For The Heart!



Upcoming BCI’s:

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Celebrating 30 Years of Changing Lives

You Can Be Hope! Celebrate our 30th year of ministry and Share HOPE with others. Find out about our special edition of June Hunt’s Counseling Through Your Bible Handbook too.



2015 Annual Report


Read through the Annual Report or download your copy.

Through your prayers and generous contributions over the past 30 years, God has expanded this work worldwide.
In so many ways, He is reaching cultures, communities, and churches to renew lives … restore families … revitalize churches, and reproduce influencers.



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