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Monthly Teaching Letter from June

Each month, friends of the ministry receive a teaching letter from June that includes encouragement and ministry updates, as well as ways that people can partner and pray for Hope For The Heart. Feel free to browse through recent letters from past months listed below.

  • September 2014, Sexual Integrity – Balancing Passion with Purity - Late one night, a 23-year-old student called our Hope In The Night radio program and confessed he was thinking about quitting pastoral training because of his battle with sexual temptation. He didn’t feel strong enough to resist sexual sin and believed he needed to abandon the call of God on his life rather than be hypocritical.
  • August 2014, Toppling the Stress Giant - Has overpowering stress almost pushed you to the breaking point? Have you ever thought … if one more pressure is added to my life, I’ll snap! If so, you are not alone. How well I remember a time when I thought, I can’t take any more stress. I can’t handle one more thing!
  • July 2014, Boundaries: Setting Them and Keeping Them - Boundaries are about us, not about controlling another person, requiring us to take responsibility for our own attitudes & beliefs, thoughts & choices.
  • June 2014, Identity in Christ - What would it be like to not know your own identity? How can you have peace? How can you have joy? How can you know your purpose in life? Sadly, many people today live with spiritual amnesia. They simply don’t know who they are.
  • May 2014, Living a Life of Purpose - Both were powerful men, prominent leaders, progressive change-makers who dramatically altered the course of world history. Both were exceptional orators … changing minds, hearts, and lives. Both were heralded as heroes—literally impacting millions of people—their intentions becoming actions that sent ripple effects around the world. Both were motivated by a purpose and a plan, but each took a distinctly different course. The apostle Paul was motivated by a divine purpose … Adolf Hitler was motivated by a diabolical purpose.