Monthly Teaching Letter from June | Hope For The Heart
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Monthly Teaching Letter from June

Each month, friends of the ministry receive a teaching letter from June that includes encouragement and ministry updates, as well as ways that people can partner and pray for Hope For The Heart. Feel free to browse through recent letters from past months listed below.

  • June Hunt on Verbal & Emotional Abuse: “Putting Away Past Pain” When callous words pierce your heart, they can leave scars that last a lifetime … cruel words like, “You idiot!” “You’re hopeless!” “You’ll never amount to anything!” … caustic words causing you to feel powerless—for years. If you’re a victim of ongoing verbal and emotional abuse, then you’ve felt ongoing pain. I know, because I have.
  • June Hunt on Sexual Integrity: “Balancing Passion with Purity” Late one night, a 23-year-old student called our Hope In The Night radio program and confessed he was thinking about quitting pastoral training because of his battle with sexual temptation. He didn’t feel strong enough to resist sexual sin and believed he needed to abandon the call of God on his life rather than be hypocritical.
  • June Hunt on Worry: “Don’t Worry—Cast Your Cares on Christ” When I was 11 years old, my uncle invited me to visit him—by myself! His name was Charlie Lake, and I loved spending time with him, not just because he married my Aunt Swann (making her Swann Lake) but because he paid attention to me. He cared for me. Specifically, Uncle Charlie wanted to take me fishing… It took patient repetition—casting and arcing again and again—so that I could grasp the importance of casting. Soon I learned to cast toward tree roots and stumps where fish love to feed. And when I did, oh did we catch fish!
  • “Anger: Act Rather than React” People who know me don’t see me as an “angry person” and most of the time, I’m not. Yet, how well I remember that day. I opened my friend’s desk drawer (something I had never done before) to get a few paper clips. Within a few seconds, I stared at a letter to my dear friend, from her friend, bearing these words, written in an all-too-familiar hand: “We don’t need any more June Hunts in this world.” I was stunned … hurt … angry! Just an hour before, the writer of those words had shared these words of encouragement, “June, I’m really for you. I want to help. I want to support you in whatever way I can.” But now her words cut to the quick, wounding my heart.
  • “Bullying: Stop It!” Few people know how to respond to bullying. Children tend to freeze in the face of their tormentors. Most bystanders watch fearfully in silence from the sidelines, and some eventually join the bully. Those who are victims may try to act tough or retaliate, but the attacks only get worse.