Monthly Teaching Letter from June | Hope For The Heart
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Monthly Teaching Letter from June

Each month, friends of the ministry receive a teaching letter from June that includes encouragement and ministry updates, as well as ways that people can partner and pray for Hope For The Heart. Feel free to browse through recent letters from past months listed below.

  • June Hunt on Conquering the Challenge of Cancer – “Purpose in the Pain” I’ll never forget the doctor’s words … “You have cancer. You will have a mastectomy. You will lose your hair.” The doctor delivers these words matter-of-factly, as I sit on the examining table—absolutely stunned. My diagnosis felt like an ambush.
  • June Hunt on Bonding with Your Child- “Every Child Needs Boundaries” Over the years, countless parents have asked me if children are truly capable of understanding the concept of boundaries for their behavior … lines not to be crossed. The answer is an emphatic yes! The point of parenting is not to cultivate uniform perfection. It is to nurture the natural bent of each child so that all young lives become all that God created them to be. Children learn about boundaries from everyday living…
  • June Hunt on Decision Making- “Eight Steps to Confident Choices” Why do so many people have difficulty making decisions? We want to make the right decisions in order to receive God’s blessing, but often, we don’t take the time to consider God’s perspective. Be assured, God doesn’t play hide and seek as you try to discover His will. The nearer you draw to the heart of God, the clearer you’ll see the will of God. As you sincerely place His desires above your own, He will faithfully lead the way.
  • June Hunt on Fear- “In the Grip of Fear? Or in the Hands of God?” Most people are familiar with the Franklin Roosevelt quote, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Yet those living in the grip of fear find these words hard to accept. Over and over, the Bible tells us, “Do not be afraid … do not fear” (Joshua 1:9; Isaiah 41:10). But, how is this possible?
  • June Hunt on the Blended Family: “God’s Recipe for Success” In reality, when a blended family comes together, typically, issues remain unresolved for years. Emotions are misinterpreted and problems that need to be tackled usually remain untouched. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the dynamics within a blended family…